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trenas Winners' Podium - with Additional Third Place

Product No.: ZU-TR-SIPO-2X3
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trenas Winners' Podium - with Additional Third Place

High quality winners' podium with interlocking, stackable pedestals and additional third place. Space-saving, elegant, robust, weatherproof - and excellent value for money. Only high-quality materials and precision machinery are used in the construction of our winners' podium. The result is an impressive product, made in Germany to the highest specification. The podium fits easily into the boot of a car, making it ideal for transporting to external events. Constructed from aluminum bars and plywood with non-slip base.


  • Dimensions place 3 (W x L x H): 44 x 44 x 20 cm
  • Dimensions place 2 (W x L x H): 49 x 49 x 30 cm
  • Dimensions place 1 (W x L x H): 54 x 54 x 45 cm
  • Storage: Stackable
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 20.13 kg

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